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  • Tax Preparation for Individuals, Small Businesses, Farmers, and Ranchers
  • IRS Audit Assistance

Kyle is here to provide individuals, small businesses, farmers and ranchers the convenience of tax preparation, accounting, and business consulting services under one roof. At Bottorff Tax, Kyle counsels clients through the strategies that can better their financial position, and assists them in achieving both their personal and business goals.

Lunch with Kyle:

  • Do you ever have that one tax question or concern that keeps you up at night? 
  • Do you receive multiple answers to your tax question from the internet? 

The answers you seek are within reach. They can be answered over lunch. Take Kyle out to lunch at a restaurant of his choosing (within reason, of course.) and he can help you obtain answers to your tax and accounting questions.  You get one hour of his undivided attention without the money-clock ticking. It's an engaging concept intended to make those individuals who may be hesitant in contacting or scheduling an appointment because of the cost, more comfortable. Kyle loves to eat and enjoys meeting new people, so buy Kyle lunch and forget the pending bill.

Whether you are a current client or a non-client, feel free to talk to Kyle about your tax issues, because the better he knows you, the better Kyle can serve you.

If you need a second opinion or just want to meet Kyle, he would be honored to have lunch with you. Feel free to call the office at (605) 658-2010 to schedule your lunch with Kyle, Vermillion’s newest tax and accounting confidant.